28 May 2013

Why your company should support Rails Girls Summer of Code

If you are software developer and you look around yourself in the office, you will probably see a lot of men sitting around you. It is no secret, that the software industry is very bad at getting the other half of the population into programming. Every company should care about this.

It does not matter, if your company uses Python or JavaScript or Scala or even Java. It does not matter what technology brings women into programming. It just matters, that women get into programming. Rails Girls has successfully started to do this. Since 2010 the movement spreads around the world. Your company should care about these women.

Now it is time for a new step. The Rails Girls Summer of Code is here to sustain, what the women have learned in the workshops before. The goal is to let women work fulltime on a real Open Source software project for a period of three months. That is hopefully an important steps for many of them to become paid software developers.

Your company can support this by sponsoring a pool to pay the women for their work. You can also register your own Open Source project for the event. If your company does not already support rails Girls Summer of Code, it should definitively do!

Of course everyone can donate a few Dollars to the pool. And to get more impressed by the Rails Girls whatch their promotion video:

Rails Girls Summer of Code from Alexander Lang on Vimeo - cc-by-nc-sa.